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Make Erection Great Again™

MENZ Wave®

Erection Clinic® Orlando exclusively offers the best treatment for erectile dysfunction, MENZ Wave® is a therapy designed by Dr. J MD to treat erectile dysfunction, Dr. J MD is a renowned physician providing exclusive services for his patients all around the US.

MENZ Wave®

MENZ Wave® Therapy at Erection Clinic™

MENZ Wave® therapy is a cutting-edge and unique therapy used for treating erectile dysfunction. An innovation of Dr. J MD who is always trying to bring unique and effective treatments for his valued patients. MENZ Wave® is a non-invasive drug-free treatment, high frequency shockwaves are involved in this therapy. These high-frequency shockwaves are used to give deep and strong shocks to the penile tissues to treat erectile dysfunction.

MENZ Wave® therapy is tested and the results show that it is a safe and reliable treatment option for ED. MENZ Wave® therapy is a highly efficient therapy and no side effects have been reported.

Benefits of MENZ Wave®

MENZ Wave® have shown high effectiveness, there are no side effects of this therapy. It is a quick and easy procedure that can be performed in a doctor’s office, and patients can expect to return to their regular activities immediately after the therapy session. MENZ Wave® enhances sexual performance, Increases blood flow to the penis by forming new blood vessels in penile tissue, long-lasting erections, and boosts self-confidence by increasing penile sensitivity and overall penile health.

MENZ Wave® only at Erection Clinic™ Orlando

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, MENZ Wave® therapy may be an excellent treatment option to consider. Erection Clinic exclusively offers MENZ Wave® an improved type of shockwave therapy, it is a non-invasive and drug-free therapy that has been proven to be highly effective, and it does not require any downtime or recovery time, high-frequency sound waves are used in this therapy to boost the growth of blood vessels and increase blood flow in the penis. The result of MENZ Wave® is better sexual performance and longer erections. Erection Clinic is also serving many other therapies that are beneficial in restoring the sexual wellness of men suffering from ED. Contact Erection Clinic Orlando for selecting your treatment plan.

MENZ Wave® Therapy

MENZ Wave® therapy is a non-surgical procedure that does not require any incisions or stitches. A numbing agent is applied before the therapy to reduce any discomfort. After 20 minutes a small device is used around the penis to produce shock waves which help to regenerate the penile tissues and increase blood flow, the increased blood flow and stimulation of blood vessels lead to better erections and enhanced sexual health.

Board Certified Dr. J MD

Dr. J MD has specialized in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine, and has performed thousands of therapies, when it comes to sexual wellness he started Erection Clinic especially to address all the challenges men are facing due to any reason related to their sex life and confidence. Dr. J MD is a certified physician from American Board, he has done extensive research for bringing innovation, and he introduced several therapies for his patients’ wellness. Therapies designed by Dr. J MD such as MENZ Wave®, MENZ Shot, MENZ Booster, MENZ Grow®, and MENZ Tox™ are offered at Erection Clinic to treat erectile dysfunction. Also offered many other treatments for Fat transfer or penile enlargement.

Are you looking for a clinic that offers exceptional therapies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction? Erection Clinic Orlando Florida would be a great choice for you. So don’t delay and book an appointment for a complementary consultation and have a more confident personality before the next holidays.


If the blood flow gets slower to the penis this causes erectile dysfunction, there are several therapies to address this issue. Consult a urologist or a professional physician for the best treatment.

MENZ Wave® therapy has proven to be a very effective therapy for men suffering from ED, it’s a drug-free treatment that involves high-frequency sound waves to boost the blood flow and trigger the growth of new blood vessels in the penis.
Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and are not satisfied with oral medication or don’t want to go through lengthy treatments can choose MENZ Wave® therapy for enhancing their erectile function.
MENZ Wave® therapy is not painful it’s just a little discomfort felt around the treatment area during the therapy. After the therapy, you can resume your regular activities.

Yes, it is an extremely safe and effective therapy for treating ED with minimum side effects.

Erection Clinic Orlando is offering a variety of treatments for erectile dysfunction, you can immediately contact Erection Clinic for a free consultation, Dr. J MD and his team will provide proper assistance according to your goals.
The initial results of MENZ Wave® therapy for erectile dysfunction can be seen within a few weeks as the therapy require 5 to 6 sittings the maximum results will be seen within 2 to 3 months after completion of the treatment.

Smoking, drinking alcohol, physical activities, and having sex should be avoided for a few days.

Men who had MENZ Wave® therapy are totally satisfied, they reported minor bruises, swelling, or aches which subsided within a few days.

Make Erection Great Again

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