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Make Erection Great Again™

MENZ Tox Shot For ED Treatment Near Me

Improve your sexual life with Erection Clinic

Is it difficult for you to perform in bed? Are you facing difficulty having intercourse, have your sex timing getting less and less day by day? Are you facing problems with erection and ejaculation? 

Do you know these are all symptoms of Erectile dysfunction – ED Treatment Near Me. It’s a disease that sits inside the body of mens and makes them feel weaker and less active.

But don’t worry Erection Clinic has a solution for you, we are introducing new aesthetic treatment for the symptoms of Erectile dysfunction named as Menz tox shot Near Me

MENZ Tox Shot™

Neuromodulator Injections: An Effective Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction.

Menz tox shot in Orlando also known as botulinum neurotoxin, is a neuromodulator produced by the bacteria Clostridium A.
Botox works by temporarily relaxing the smooth muscle in the walls of the arteries and vessels that transport blood to the penis this greatly improves blood flow.
On the other hand, Injection inhibits nerve signals that are delivered to the constricted smooth muscle of blood vessels and arteries. Botox works by increasing the diameter of constricted vessels simply it dilates the blood vessels and due to the blood flow increases into the dilated vessels this allows them to carry a larger volume of blood and due to this it improves erections and ejaculation in men,

There are a limited number of papers published that have proven efficacy and safety of botox in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED).

However, our many clients have tried traditional treatment and come to the Erection Clinic for the consultation.

What Happen When You OPT For Botox Therapy With Erection Clinic:

  1. After consulting with your practitioner and thorough examination of your signs, symptoms, allergies, severity of diseases and medical anomalies.
  2. Your Health care practitioner will prescribe you the treatment.
  3. After that your health care practitioner will administer the neuromodulator injection into the penile area. 
  4. This leads to an increase in blood circulation to that injected area which begins the cell formation and tissue regeneration of penis.
  5. Additionally,  it gives best results after two weeks of the injection and the effect lasts for four months in which the next injection session will already be given and this will make the therapy long lasting and effective.

Menz Tox Treatment In Orlando

The botox injection contains botulinum toxin which works by blocking the nerves signals that are responsible for muscle contraction ultimately leading to the relaxation of vessels, this allows the blood to flow freely into the vessels of penis.

Note: The inject can be effective for those who are not getting cured by the pharmacological agents. Therefore the injections are not supposed to treat, cure or mitigate the disease. It works as an alternative treatment and results vary person to person.


  1. Improved Erectile Function: It promotes hard, smooth and strong erection.
  2. Penis Enlargement: It promotes the increase in  penis size, width and girth.
  3. Increased libido: loss in libido is a main and common side effect of the ED and it causes many issues. Thankfully our Botox is sufficient enough to enhance the libido and gives the spark in your relationship.
  4. Blood Circulation: By promoting the vessels to be dilated it eventually increases  penile blood flow that leads to the increase in sex timing and better erection.
  5. self confidence: Botox brings confidence in the life of men as it improves the appearance of the penis and larger the size.
  6. Improves premature ejaculation: if you are facing premature ejaculation Erection clinic can be the savior, the treatment is designed to enhance the ejaculation in those who are suffering from Erectile dysfunction.

So, if you want to opt for Menz tox in Orlando or Premature ejaculation Orlando. Contact us right away.


We provide the best services and treatment in Orlando. As you visit the Clinic you will see the wonders by yourself.

  1. We have expert and experienced  staff who specialize in the sexual health of men and go from extensive training to treat the patients properly.
  2. Customized treatment plans are provided by our specialist as we understand that every person is different. 
  3. We utilize modern and cutting edge techniques to facilitate our patients with better treatment facilities. 
  4. We prioritize your safety and privacy. At an Erection clinic you can fully trust us with your information as we never share data to third parties. 
  5. You can relax whilst your practitioner will be giving you a shot®. As we are obliged to provide you with the best result with a relaxing and comfortable environment. 
  6.  Erection clinics have the 1st priority to provide best results to the patients with the best services.
  7. We are located at a very convenient location in Orlando as we are only 10 minutes away from theme parks in Orlando however you can search menz tox near me to locate us nearby.


So if you want to fight against the signs and symptoms of Erectile dysfunction and in search of premature ejaculation near me . Book an appointment today and  experience the best service with great outcomes by yourself.


Botox is the injection that contains botulinum toxin, it is injected into the penile areas so that the constricted vessels can be dilated.furthermore it promotes the blood circulation into the area ultimately decreasing the symptoms of ED.
The treatment is safer for men however it has very minimal side effects, but before taking treatment consult with your practitioner about the history of your medical condition and allergies.
The process usually takes 30 to 45 minutes depending on the patient’s situation.
The effect of one injection lasts for four months and during this time the 2nd dose is already administered and so on therefore gives the better effect yet long lasting.

Make Erection Great Again

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