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P shot

10 Powerful Ways to Perfect Your P-Shot Technique

Do you want to inject your processed blood into your penis for a better sexual life? Although it may seem unexpected but the P Shot or Priapus Shot is a well-researched medical procedure for improving men’s health by utilizing their own blood. On the other hand, this shot is only for males and it’s a gender-specific version of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or P shot treatment.

This therapy involves collecting blood, centrifuge it up, and injecting the extracted platelet rich plasma into the targeted penile area , according to the researched and clinical data it is the most effective and power treatment for the Penis enlargement, enhanced libido, increased size , sexual performance and men’s testosterone health. 

Note: It Is an aesthetic alternative treatment for Erectile dysfunction although P Shot treatment does not claim that it’s a new cure for erectile dysfunction (ED). However,it’s a hope  for those whose current treatments are not effective and they are suffering from loss in libido, smaller size and , P injections can give great results in patients with Erectile dysfunction and in those who want penis enlargement procedure without surgery.

Introduction of P Shot treatment & Its Benefits:

As mentioned above, Priapus shot treatment can be used for penis enlargement and sexual function. But what exactly is a P shot in Orlando? How effective is it in treating erectile dysfunction? The Priapus shot is given by Dr. J.MD in the Erection Clinic.

Platelet rich plasma treatment is said to be successful in numerous urological conditions,  skin disorders and musculoskeletal injuries including;

  • Erectile dysfunction,
  • Muscles, nerves, tendons and joints.
  • Decreased libido
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Stress incontinence
  • Male enhancement
  • Hair loss (It can also be an effective treatment for hair los)

Understanding The P Shot Treatment Working :


The Priapus Shot®, often referred to as the P shot treatment, is a completely natural procedure that is non-surgical and painless. It involves injecting platelet-rich plasma into the targeted area of the penis after adequately anesthetizing it. After that it attracts stem cells and growth factors that trigger tissue growth in nerves and blood vessels, which results in the improvement of  the size and quality of the patient’s erection and treats erectile dysfunction. 


According to the above information, the Priapus Shot® or P shot in Orlando can help your male patients to treat conditions that affect their lives, this treatment can help them with following problems:

  • Peyronie’s Disease – A condition that causes curved and painful erections, the condition occurs. When the fibrous scars tissues started developing into the deeper tissues and ultimately the patient feel pain and problem in erections. The major side effect is that it can make penis shorter from the normal size
  • Erectile Dysfunction – this is a common  problem in men which cause the decrease in libido. Less interest in sexual activity, lowers testosterone etc
  • Lost of sensitivity 


As mentioned above, P-Shot is a version of PRP treatment which is  a simple procedure. That is similar to a blood transfusion.

PRP treatment usually involves the procedure steps this is how you can perfect your treatment technique :

STEP 01: Taking Medical History

As a health care doctor it should be our priority to ask the patients regarding. His medical history, diseases, hormone levels testing, the medication history and allergies. 

STEP 02: Consultation

After taking medical history , we should consult the patient regarding benefit of P Shot, side effects, consequences, eligibility and after effects.

STEP 03: Patient Concerns and tailored regimens:

Ask patients about their concerns and priorities, their availability and then organize the treatment plan for the patient. 

STEP 04: Patients Seclusion:

The patient’s privacy should be the main concern, as you can’t mention and discuss patients’ information in front of others.

STEP 05: Begin the treatment

After applying the anesthetic cream and numbing the injection site , the health care practitioner sucks the blood into the syringe and begins the process to extract the platelets rich plasma from the blood.

STEP 06: Injecting the PRP :

The penis area is targeted by the health care professional so that the injection can be injected at the exact location of penis. The PRP injection with platelets, some growth factors is administered after careful selection.


The injection is applied  with a numbing agent so the patient does not feel any kind of pain and the PRP is also induced into the penis.

STEP 07: Induction of blood circulation:

After applying the injection, the blood circulation will enhance into the penis area leading to the cell formation and tissue regeneration ultimately increases the size, sexual ability and libido.

STEP 08: Post treatment instructions

The patient should be instructed regarding the post treatment care and the immediate effects.As if any kind of swelling appears they should know the reason and the time of this symptom to calm down.

Note: if the patient comes with the swelling and pain, it’s not to be worry about every person is different and their body reflects differently with the treatment, tell them to wait and give them painkiller to subside the symptoms , (the symptoms are minimal and can be subside with the time)

STEP 09: Pharmacological care: 

Write some medication  such as painkillers , libido enhancers, hormonal supplements,if  it is needed. Also tell patients regarding their heart and kidney medicines they are taking.

STEP 10: Timely Follow Ups:

Timely follow-up is necessary in the treatment, as a single shot alone does not resolve erectile dysfunction. Consult the patient about any potential aftereffects, their frequency, and size enlargements. Arrange online or in-house consultations with the patients for proper care.


Are you looking for the treatment of P shot in Orlando? Isn’t it flexible to have the best services nearby your house area? Now we can discuss the importance of it. There are many clinics in Orlando that offer these services but the most convenient one is always the nearest one. If you are a doctor and reading this blog you are already aware of its benefits , and if you are a patient suffering from any of the symptoms , don’t sit back , search for the nearest clinic for P shot in Orlando and visit the branch of your interest after knowing the practitioner and other benefits. 

You can also consider Erection clinics and give a call for booking of an appointment. As the practitioner who owns the clinic has 25 + years of experience and has thousands of satisfied customers.

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